Thursday, March 24, 2005

I said Goddamn!

22-10 first round of the tournie...10-6 in the second. Oh and Gonzaga and Wake Forest can bite my nuts not to mention Kansas, UConn, and Oklahoma who I was apparently wrongly told were strong teams. In fact Wake Forest was one of my final four so I'm totally screwed now in the Albuquerque bracket. Let's just hope Louisville can hold this lead. As long as Duke and UNC make it my bracket could be saved. I also picked the Illini over Wisconsin-Milwaukee (yeah I somehow saw that one coming apparently) though I'm now rooting for WMU just for kicks. They're down a score so that isn't gonna happen. Illinois is safe for now. I'll be going with OSU tonight against Arizona.

Been sick lately. The flu that won't leave. I was sick a couple weeks ago, had a nagging cough a few days, then either this cold came back or I caught a new virus. Now it's gone and has left a slight tickle in the throat that causes the occasional coughing fit. My coughing fits are pretty violent. I can't help it but those who've seen them are often amazed. The veins in my forehead hurt, I can't breath, it's just bad. So I have that to look forward to.

My dad's back has fused and he's having trouble standing up straight. I am so angry at the system right now. He blew out 4 discs in his spine about 2 years ago it seems and no one will help him. He's tried having the surgery but his insurance won't cover it and the place where he worked and fell leading to this injury refuses to pay for it. Seems like a simple open-shut worker's comp thing but no. The insurance and company are fighting my dad and the doctors and it's getting tied up in the courts who really don't care about the situation. So now in the process my dad's back has fused into a bent over position and now the situation is critical but still no one will help.

My sister's kidneys finally went. She's gonna be 23 on the 9th of April and she has diabetes and her kidneys are shot. So now she's wearing a cathater and will have to do routine dialysis treatments for the rest of her life or until she gets a kidney transplant. It sucks because she's been taking care of herself (finally...she didn't do it the first 6 years after being diagnosed) and she's been in school to become a maseuse and is 3 months from graduation but if she misses a week of school they're gonna drop her. This is already costing her $12,000 and if she is dropped they don't refund a penny. PLUS if she ever wants to be a maseuse (and she does) she'll have to start all the way from the beginning again and pay another $12,000. Sucks. Really sucks. Victoria and I are gonna offer to be tested to see if we're a good match. We want to donate a kidney if we can. It's just a matter if one of us are a match. If we're both a match maybe we'll roshambo for it. LOL. Pray for them both. They're such good people going through such hard times.


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