Monday, January 24, 2005

Entertainment by the SUV Choir

Went out last night to the church and watched Gladys Knight and the SUV Choir (that's Saints with Unified Voices) sing to us.
They took some LDS favorites like I Need Thee Every Hour and As I Have Been Given Much, and added a gospel flair to them. Made them less "vanilla". I guess these two have become LDS favorites but were originally Baptist hymns.
She added a few pure Baptist hits and sung those as well as a Hawaiian song to Christ.
One they didn't sing but is on their album, "One Voice" is Come, Come Ye Saints with African beats and drums in the background. Sounds so cool.
See Gladys in person was powerful. Her daughter and husband shared stories and their testimonies about the truth of the gospel and what it can offer to everyone. Then Gladys got up last and just spoke for a long time about a lot of things. All very exciting but very touching. I think they gave out a lot of Book of Mormons and DVDs to non-members last night.
I should have picked one up, signed it with my own story and testimony and given it to someone I care about. Well I'll have that opportunity with time.
In the meantime I started my new job today. Sending out emails, using HTML to change templates, and soon I'll be learning how to create the links from the webpage. Fun stuff. NOT.
Stomach hurts, head hurts, my whole body aches, and I'm here pluggin away. Yeah, yeah I'll quit my whining. I realize there are others suffering far worse than me.
Well I'm gonna get back to work. Y'all be good now. Oh and go out and get "One Voice" by Gladys Knight & the SUV Choir. Great CD.


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