Sunday, February 27, 2005

last night at the PB

Four words: Bacon Wrapped Jumbo Shrimp. As Butch stated in his blog today:

"So many things could've gone wrong: shrimp too tiny, shrimp undercooked, bacon undercooked, bacon overcooked, bacon tiny. But the smell is awesome and pungent, the shrimp are the size of my fist and at least a whole slice of bacon is wrapping them up to the tail."

Oh did I get the bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp? NO. I got Carne Con Carne. Basically marinated and top sirloin grilled with onions and the whole mess is drowned in a spicy chipotle sauce. Butch being the kind and gentle soul he is allowed me to sample a bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp. I immediately regretted my choice.

Society in PB is choice. The people there are fun-loving and friendly people. Here I am a young man with a mop top and weighing in around 285-290 of pure fat and the people of PB couldn't care less. This being a popular hang out spot for flawless looking twentysomethings. Well not exactly but you get the picture. It's got Beach in the name of the city for chrissakes.

So I realized I am getting old. I'm 26. Butch just turned 26 and I can barely keep up with the boy. In fact walking to Dairy Queen and back where he just had to go top off that bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp with an Oreo Blizzard he was consistently keeping pace about 5 feet in front of me while I panted behind. It could have been that I had so much food in my stomach that even at 1pm today I was still too full to feel like eating. It could be that he weighs half as much as I do.

ANYWAYS great dinner, great fun, and coming home around 3am. That signals a great night. This boy over here, he says he ran around 6-7 and never hit full throttle. If he ever had, he'd have left me in his wake and I tell you now that while he is a true friend for holding back so that I didn't get left behind, I should have stepped it up a bit so he could at least stay a constant 7 or ever race for an 8. So Butch, my apologies. Great time, long night but it all came down too...



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