Saturday, January 08, 2005

Step 1 for all of us.

So it's 4:13 and the Chargers are set to kick off in about 50 minutes or so. I'll say not who I think will win. Don't want to look like a big ass later. Well, can't help that I guess.

Seahawks just took the lead so things are looking good. I love Marshall Faulk but the Rams have had two shots and it's been 20 years since the Seahawks have won a playoff game. It's about time. The Dodgers finally won a playoff game, the Red Sox won the world series, the Lakers lost in the finals and the Flames made it close in the finals. It's time for a Chargers v. Seahawks Super Bowl. SYKE! Although it would force ESPN to talk about the West Coast for once and not in derogatory terms either.

This is my blog but I'll send props to Butch for his start to 2005. Wish I'd been there for NYE to help kick off the year with the only friend I still talk to from my life in the 80s. WOW I FEEL OLD.
Football playoffs are looking good. Great matchups and good teams. It's sad that Denver made it instead of Buffalo but I really can't complain. I'm just scared Buffalo would have made a Carolina-esque run at the Super Bowl. I use the Panthers only as recent example. Sure we saw New England in 1997 and Atlanta in 1998 and Tennessee in 1999 and Baltimore in 2000 and whatnot.

Though if the announcers dont quit licking the Rams ears I may not enjoy the playoffs much. Also, I'm a Bucs fan but the Chargers are a close second as my AFC team. If they lose tonight I won't be as excited. I do expect a win and I expect a loss in the next round. It's not lack of loyalty, it's an excess of realism.

Victoria and i have had a great time the last few days. Hard times at work but at home things have been so relaxed and happy. Today we're cleaning house but taking plenty of time to stop and cuddle. Lots of yelling but lots of cooing too. Very weird. We're either really happy or really pissed. Tie game. Shoot. Good game.

This sucks. I hate reading Butch's blog and then trying to write one of my own. I just don't have the kind of mind that can pull lyrics, quotes, and cultural references out of my head on cue and plug it just in the right spot. I also write this knowing that not only is Scott, Tony, Butch, Annam, and Victoria reading this....but so are my parents and the whole mormon side of my family. You know what. I'm not going to hide myself this year. I cuss. I get nasty sometimes. I do plan to make it to the temple soon but dammit I'm not clean cut and I never will be. To pretend is to deny myself. To deny myself is to deny myself happiness. No happiness makes Daniel a dull boy. Literally.

So fuck y'all I'm coming out and I'm happy. I go to church. I don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs. I don't drink coffee or tea. I do believe that Gordon B Hinckley is a prophet of God. I also support the apostles and all the leaders of the church. I have started paying tithing so I don't have to say anymore that I will. I have and will continue doing so forever, but dammit I'm going to be me. If people don't like my diction I'm not going to apologize.

I've spent a lot of time censoring myself for others. Sure I'll control my mouth around fellow Latter-Day Saints but if a ward member or family member hears a shit or fuck out of my mouth every now and then well I'm sorry but that's me. I'll do what I can to not offend but I'm not going to hide myself otherwise. This is my blog. It's not yours. If you are offended by foul language turn the channel now. If you're offended by blatant comments on sex and the idea that I might have a libido turn the channel now. I'm not a robot. I'm not a machine. I will not assimilate.


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