Monday, February 27, 2006


This was perhaps the easiest move I think I'll ever have in my entire life. Having said that though, I can't remember the last time I hurt so much.
Victoria and I spent Wednesday and Thursday nights throwing out all our old or worn out junk and packing things into boxes. Friday we moved all the boxes to the new apartment as well as anything that was to go into our closets. We basically wanted to get as much into the new apartment as we could while still keeping it clear for moving in furniture as well as clearing the furniture in the old apartment so that it would be easy to move everything quickly.
Saturdy morning we expected 4 people to help us: Victoria's parents, Becky and Mike. Mike brought four others. So with 8 people moving things around the move went REALLY fast.
Well it also helps when your moving next door. In an apartment that means out one front door, and into the other. Less than 10 feet. Nice.
Saturday night we watched Mirrormask and emptied some boxes of clothes and books.
Sunday we spent the day scrubbing and cleaning the other apartment. That was real tough after all the moving of stuff the last 4 days. We got it done around 2pm and returned the keys. Then we went grocery shopping. UGH.
We still have about 5 boxes to open and our apartment is full of stuff so we're going to spend the week getting it unpacked and all niced up so I can take pictures for you all.
At the moment after 5 days of moving stuff around and cleaning, we're both really sore and tired of exercise. We'll take a break tonight (I have my Chapter 2 quiz in Algebra) and tomorrow we'll commence opening the last boxes and putting stuff away.


At 12:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your move. I hope you like your new place.


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