Thursday, February 23, 2006

Movin' Right Along...

So it looks like we're moving. We got notices about 9 months ago saying they weren't renewing any leases and they were rennovating the apartments. This was weeks before our lease was to run out giving us just 10 days or so to find a place and move. They were offering to move us to an apartment in the complex that had already been rennovated but none were ready or available yet.

So instead, they renewed our lease for 6 months, thus giving them time to finish rennovations on apartments and making them available for us to move into. Also this would give us time to find another place if we didn't want to transfer.

SO when October comes around and I start asking about apartment availability they tell us we'll be getting another 3 month renewal. There are apartments available but it would make it easier on us so we don't have to spend our Christmas money on moving.

Fast fordward to February. So now the lease is set to end March 31st, 2006 and we get a call a couple weeks ago (while I was sick as a dog) asking if we will allow them access to the apartment to inspect the walls. It seems the apartment above us and on the other side of the building from us (we share a kitchen and dining room wall) had a bad leak and there's some poor plumbing which is causing some structural damage. They want to check our apartment to see if it's been affected.

So they come in with inspectors and they plug this machine into the wall in various spots and it beeps when there's moisture or something. Well it's beeping nearly every place they plug it. SO they want to move us out as soon as the apartment right next door, which I take for granted they've already inspected otherwise they wouldn't have installed the expensive maple cupboards and granite counter top.

Come to this past Saturday. Victoria and I are cleaning like mad in the storage closet, dumping all sorts of stuff we have accumulated over the years that serves no purpose for us (not even nostalgia). On one trip out to the dumpster we notice an envelope on the door. We open it to see that it's a rental form. They want us to move the following weekend (this coming weekend).

Well, this is unacceptable. We have no money! So we ask them if we can wait to pay until March 1st. They're fine with that. PLUS they're giving us $300 off our first month's rent! Nice gesture? Hardly. It's either pay 4 hours for movers to come help us move, or give us $300 to get our own movers. I guess it's something they legally have to offer in such a situation. So we'll take the $300 and move ourselves. There isn't a lot of heavy furniture and it's just out one front door and into the other, so no big deal.

So Saturday is moving day. We already have about 10 boxes of stuff packed up and we still have a bit more to do. I think we can at least get the furniture cleared off by Friday night so all we'll have left is clothes for Saturday and pillows and sheets to sleep on. Otherwise it'll all be packed up and ready for the move.

For those friends and family wishing to know what our new address will be...just add two to our apartment number. Simple as that. Our phone number? We won't have the 1406 number any more. We're going to be switching to our cells. This way we get no sales or charity calls, and no matter where we are, we can be reached. It'll save us $30 a month as well which is going to help with all the added rent. From $1057 to $1225!

With brand new carpeting, doors, doorknobs, fresh paint, granite countertops, maple wood cupboard doors, and brand new appliances (oven, fridge, washer, dryer, microwave and dishwasher) I can't complain. We already got new windows and moldings...whatever those things are called that the glass is placed into...I figure it's all the window.

Anyways it's all new. New paint job on the exterior of the apartment buildings (new colors and I like them!) plus brand new roof tiles and they're changing all the lights around the complex to be more asthetic (and also a bit brighter). I really like what they're doing.

So yeah, we're moving Saturday and cleaning up Sunday. Gotta clean the oven and fridge since the appliances are going to another property and we have to bleach the tub to get my blue hair dye out of it. Otherwise, they're tearing everything else up so they told us not to bother vacuuming, cleaning walls or cupboards. VERY NICE.

Well that's it for now. Back to work!


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