Saturday, March 25, 2006

Norwich City FC

OK I don't come on here and mope but Norwich City lost Friday and with it went any hopes of reaching 6th place which would have put them into the playoffs for the final spot for promotion into the English Premier League. One more year at the Championship League level.

I have two words that only City fans will get: WORTHY OUT!!!

We reached the Premiership last season and floundered. Going into the last match we controlled our own destiny. Win and we stay. Lose and we go down. We lost 6-0.
This year started poorly and every time we had a few matches that lead to points, Worthington would make some drastic changes and we'd go on a nice little losing streak to teams we should have wiped the floor with. They let Ashton go to West Ham United. They get a guy named Earnshaw who does more for us than Deano was doing and we start winning again, giving some fans hope for a playoff run.
Then today he starts with a 4-5-1 position and sits Earnie on the bench. Surprise, we lost 0-2 and bye bye playoffs. The man is doing all he can to get fired so he can go back to Sheffield Wednesday where he was some sort of hero of a player back in the day.
OK now I've vented. I can relax and enjoy the rest of my weekend now.


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