Thursday, March 23, 2006

odd thing...

You know how in cartoons sometimes, the artists draw a little black cloud that follows a character around and it rains on only them?

Well this morning Victoria and I witness at least a solitary black cloud all by it's lonesome and REALLY low in the sky (almost fog). As we passed over the bridge onto I-56 south from westbound Highway 56, there sat this long flat cloud. It was completely black, didnt' seem to be caused by any smoke but it was VERY black. All the clouds in the sky were silvery white and here's this pitch black cloud sitting there and seemingly not caused by anything. Not from a factory or construction vehicles or a fire. Just sitting there by itself, floating in open space about 300 feet or so off the ground.

Anyways just thought it was odd and worth sharing.

Y'all stay shiny. I'm havin' a great day myself.


At 1:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once saw something cool too once. A friend of mine was driing me home one night and the clouds just above Salt Lake City lit up a brillian cyan color. It was late at night, so this drew my attention immediately. At first, I thought it was lightning, but tehn the light focused into a single dot falling through the clouds at an incredible speed. After it broke the bottom layer of the clouds, it broke up into peices, nad disapeared. I think it was an asteroid or something, but it was cool, while it lasted, short as it was.

At 5:13 PM , Blogger Angela Marie said...

In response to what jettpax just said....

NO WAY! I had a similar experience in SLC one night too. It must have in the 1994-early 1995 time frame.

On a Sunday night 10pm or so, my friend was driving us home from a student ward FHE. Ours was the only car within sight as we traveled on the freeway loop that goes up by the Wasatch (?) mountains where we could overlook the entire valley.

Suddenly the sky across the whole valley turned a bright pink, as bright as day for just about one solid second. Then everything went back to normal.

We heard no explosion, we saw no source of the light, nothing. All the valley was as calm and quiet as it was before.

There was nothing in the paper or news the next day (although we didn't make a deliberate effort to find out what it was...we just told her parents and looked in the paper).

Time and lack of explanation has pretty much blotted out the matter in my mind, but I will never deny that it happened. It was just so weird.


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