Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's goin' down at the Starbucks

Yesterday morning we headed to the Starbucks in La Jolla Village Square for some beverages and danishes. That alone was strange because I can't remember the last time we were in a Starbucks.

Anyways, so we order our drinks and we're waiting for the barista to whip them up when a couple of young police officers casually walk in. I figure they're there for coffee and so I don't really pay attention until I see them walk up to a guy (about college age) sitting at a table with coffee and paper in hand.

One of the officers taps him on the shoulder and says, "you're under arrest."

This is when everything gets creepy. I'm convinced that these cops are just his friends and it's just a little joke greeting or something until the guy stands up. The cop that tapped him on the shoulder casually pulls his arms behind his back and cuffs him while the lady cop puts on a couple of purple latex-like gloves and picks up the man's case (laptop? Camera? Jars of Urine?).

They all quietly leave the Starbucks while the 3 employees and one other customer in the place are left looking around at each other like, "what just happened?" We discuss briefly what just transpired and that perhaps even still this was all just a joke. The lovely wife and I get our beverages and head outside to see the man up against the squad car and the cops are saying something to him (Miranda Rights? "Ha ha wasn't that funny?")

Anyways...6:15am and already stuff is going down at the Starbucks. Eeery.


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