Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jake Peavy: Our New Jerry Coleman?

When Jerry Coleman leaves us, we won't need to listen hard for someone in the Padres organization who makes odd comments from time to time. Just look out on the mound every 5 days. Jake Peavy has been entertaining us lately with some questionable quotes and I think we oughta keep this guy mic'd all the time just to hear what he'll say next. Here's a couple of his best:

Jake's comments on Robert Fick after a June 20, 2005 game against the Dodgers in which Jake struck out 13 batters. "He was giving me the fist between the legs all night, letting me know he's with me," Peavy said. "We were on the same page. The dude can catch me any time." It was the first time Fick had caught for Peavy. Perhaps Jake just got a little over-excited.

After yesterday's 13-4 win at Colorado, reporters asked Jake about facing his ex-teammate Xavier Nady. His comments maybe revealed a bit too much: "I was always high on X. Obviously, that hasn't changed." Maybe that is why Jake has been so dominant in the league since his call up 3 years ago. Makes me think ofHuey Lewis. Don't know why.


At 11:41 PM , Blogger All Hail King Butcher! said...

I just noticed your comments about my music choices.

Kelly Clarkson is my biggest favorite guilty pleasure that doesn't involve my hand in my pants (sometimes she causes it, but that's a whole 'nother kettle o'fish...). Fall Out Boy's lyrics are really cynical and hilarious, despite how goofy the song titles are.

And for Bubba Sparxxx...hell, I just like booty.

All your GOT OWNED is belong to me, sucka. Word'em up.


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