Tuesday, November 30, 2004

But 3 weeks is longer!

Yeah that's right folks I've gone three weeks with no updates. I'm boring. So freaking sue me!

The only important thing that has happened in the last 3 weeks is Thanksgiving. Bill found himself a willing participant in the "Hey could you take the front half of my car and separate it from the rest of the car please" Contest. Ut was a lovely Bronco and the driver was kind enough to leave the premises immediately following the impact. Oh, he left the Bronco and his passenger friend behind, but he actually felt it polite to jump from the Bronco and flee the scene.
Since Bill had left Cesar's and was sleeping in his car at the time, this basically left him without shelter. He was able to scrounge up the funds for a hotel room for a couple nights but come Thanksgiving morning he couldn't be found.

Maybe I need to back up. You see we (the wife and I) invited Bill to join us for Thanksgiving. Rachel had been staying with her mom from Saturday to Thursday and I was supposed to pick them up and bring them down for the dinner. We get a call the night before from Rachel that Bill isn't at the hotel and he'll call later to tell us where he'll be. Thursday morning comes and he hasn't called yet so Rachel is freaking out. Her dad is everything to her and he's gone missing. You know, the whole Camper Van Beethoven song, "Where the Hell is Bill?" yeah that was us.

So Victoria gets up early to start cooking and I leave to get Rachel and Bill. Rachel is in Montclair and Bill is in Fontana. I have to pick them up and be back by 1pm so we can drive to Chula Vista and get to her parents house in time for schedule dinner time of about 2pm. Well I get there and still no call. We assume he's with his friend Dave but no one can get through on the phone. "His mom must be on the computer again" Steph says. "Yeah" Rachel pipes in, "she's always on it." Well I tell them that if we don't hear from him by 10:15 we have to get going cause I have to get home. At 10:05 Stephanie asks if I can go 2 blocks over and get her breakfast at McDonald's. "Sure" I figure, "that's only 5 minutes away." Well we only had 3 pieces and we didn't expect such a rush. Go figure the line's long and not only that, junior at the front of the line can't figure out what he wants for Breakfast. So I sit there steaming while Junior sits there dreaming and 30 minutes later I get home with breakfast for Steph. When I walk through the door the phone rings...guess who. Yeah he was 20 minutes late but since I wasn't home at the time he won on technicality. So we head out to Fontana to pick him up at Dave's and head home.

Great Thanksgiving. Victoria's family always has great stories and great dinner conversation. This year it was Marcus getting blamed for all the bad stuff Eric and Sherry did when they were kids. Like a 4 year old Eric convincing Marcus to grab a beer from the fridge when no one was looking and they headed down to the alley so they wouldn't get caught. Well...Marcus turns his back and when he turns around, Eric has bolted down the alley and is turning the corner. When he looks the other way, here comes a policeman. The cop takes him home and when he opens the door Eric screams "MOM! DAD! Marcus got caught by the cops drinking beer in the alley!"

The thing I like about this story is Eric is older than Marcus. Eric couldn't have been 4 years old. Even if he was he couldn't have blurted out that whole sentence. Could he? He certainly won't shut up now.

Anyways Bill said he had more fun that night than he'd had in a long long time. Good thing to hear since his whole life has been hell since October 2nd...none of it his fault. Lost his wife, thought he lost his daughter, was kicked out of the house, then left his friend's when the friend kept asking for money to feed his gambling habit, then his car gets totalled and now...his bank card had a glitch and for two days after his paycheck cleared, he had no money. That meant no food and no hotel room. Sleeping outside, going to work grungy and hungry. Now he's staying with a co-worker and he'll be there for the next 2-3 weeks. Good. He'll need 5-8 to save up the money for a deposit and first month on an apartment.

Well, things are ok. Stressful around the house but who can you blame? Susana for going to Thailand, my mom for ditching her family in search of sex that's 2000 miles away, and Naima for taking that job and leaving Victoria stranded with two more jobs to do: Room scheduling, test analysis, Web Coding, and much more. Rachel is doing OK in school. Her attitude is improving and she really likes Church. We did Family Home Evening last night and she had a blast. It's good to see her getting into religion. Kids her age don't usually like that. I gave Bill a copy of my triplicate (Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, and Doctrine & Covenants). He's always believed but never was too religious as far as organized churches go. He grew up catholic, went to a Free-Will Baptist church for a while and now just carries a Bible (and now a Book of Mormon) with him everywhere. He's not much of a reader but he says he likes to have good books around him all the time so he can always read them when he's having trouble in life. Like now.

Anyways...that's it for now. Butch did his X-mas list. Cash. That's all I want. Cash or checks in my name. OR if you really love me, you can donate money to Amnesty International, any Breast Cancer or Diabetes or Altzheimers Fund, or spend a night serving dinner to the homeless. Those would be GREAT Christmas Presents for me and also great Birthday Presents for the Savior.

Love you all. Good day.


At 3:18 PM , Blogger All Hail King Butcher! said...

Of course, you're boring. You're married and you have a child. DUR.

Don't be a stranger.

At 11:23 AM , Blogger Daniel Womack said...

I swear, it's not mine!


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