Tuesday, November 09, 2004

2 weeks is way too long

I've been very reflective lately. Hallowen was ok. Got my package of Homies finally. I have all the sets except that rare 2nd set. I've set them up in my cubicle. They've become all the rage. Oh yeah kids that's right. Your uncle CZ is famous now for his collection of Homies. yeah right. That's what I want to be famous for. Anyways. Rachel is getting settled in school. 12 yrs old and you know what she did? Her and her internet boyfriend from Canada got "engaged". They said if they were still together when they turned 18 they would get married. Well she's 12. It'll never happen. Yeah right. You mark that tape.
Been thinking a lot in a spiritual way. Trying to be more christlike in all that I do. Being more kind and loving to others even when they aren't there. Always gentle in my actions and I'm learning to be patient with others. Especially behind the wheel.
Well...gotta go spend some time with Victoria and Rachel. They need me close. I've been far too distant lately. I need to show them I love them.

I love you too. Whoever's reading this. Only people I care about know about this blog so that includes you in this exclusive club. I pray that your day/night will be peaceful and full of the spirit of life. The Great Comforter. Know you're loved.


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