Thursday, November 03, 2005

Memorial for Stephanie

Due to issues beyond our control, I will be e-mailing everyone invites and calling those I can reach who I know for sure want to be there. Please check your boxes for invites. If you don't have one by the end of the day, chances are I don't have your e-mail. So e-mail me and I'll add you to the list. Well, there's no list per se. Anyone who knew Stephanie or wants to be there for the family or whatever can attend. So e-mail me if you don't see an e-mail in your box by the end of the day.

My apologies ahead of time if you don't get an e-mail, don't have mine or I can't reach you by phone. I'm sure there's going to be someone out there like that and I can't really do much. My e-mail address or at least a link to e-mail me should be one this page somewhere. Anyways, there's breakfast to be had, pictures to be scanned and something else...I can't remember.


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