Friday, March 23, 2007

Some people will sign anything

Like signing a petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide.

It's just more proof that whether you're targeting liberals, conservatives, atheists, religious zealots, whites, blacks, straights, gays, women, men, old or young people will sign anything you put in front of them if you use the right pitch and you do it in the right place. You present it the right way and you could get the NRA to sign off on gun control, atheists to get baptized, or the environmentally overconscious to sign a petition banning water.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


We are now officially podcasters! We released our first episode tonight. We call our podcast, UNCAST: Where absence of talent meets free media. We've been listeners of a large variety of podcasts since the summer of 2005 with DiggNation and Dawn & Drew. On our trips home and whenever we talked for any length of time we realized that we both came up with some of the funniest things. We wanted to share that with everyone else.

So, we're still trying to come up with intro and outro music at the moment. We have a salutation and Victoria begins with "Insert Awesome Theme Music Here" but perhaps actual music would make us sound more professional. OR, being UNCAST, perhaps professional just isn't on the list. So maybe it stays as is.

Now here's the disclaimer. We are us in this podcast. We aren't perfect Latter-Day Saints. We act drunk in this first episode and we also curse. This podcast is the one outlet where we both feel we can let go and be our true selves. So, listen if you want. If it's too offensive or hurts your feelings too much, then don't listen. No, we don't PRETEND around people but we do back off saying some of the things that in certain company just aren't acceptable. We don't curse around our LDS family. We don't talk about sex or make certain comments around certain people or in certain situations like work or public or whatever.

So if you'd like to listen, go for it. Give us some feedback. We want to know what you like and don't like. This is our first podcast ever so there's tons of room for improvement.