Saturday, July 14, 2007

So little to do and so much time

Strike that. Reverse it. Thank you.

Last weekend I went out to my mom's wedding. You know I write these blog posts out now wondering if I should just save it for the show but then I realize a few of you wanna-be pranksters aren't listening to our show and I'm wondering why. What's stopping you? It's not that hard. You go to and click on the MP3 button for the latest show. OR You can get a podcatching software like iTunes or Juice or something and subscribe to our podcast there so everytime we release a new episode it'll just automatically download for you. Get with the 21st century, people!

Anyhow, so let's start from the beginning. The plane trip out. The trip was pretty uneventful. I got me a book, the Sporting Illustrated and a bag of M&Ms and headed to Las Vegas. In the LV Airport I got some Sbarro for breakfast (BK line was too long) and a banana. Then I slept and read for most of the four hour flight to Pittsburgh. Rented myself a 2008 Chrysler Sebring convertible and started the drive to West Milford, West Virginia.

On the way two things happened. My cell died. I knew I should've charged that thing up before I left. Also, it rained. HARD. So hard in fact, that a few times I had to slam my brakes on Highway 79 and come to an almost complete stop on the highway. Thank God there was no traffic around me.

I arrived at their home and my mom had chicken and rice casserole cooking for me when I arrived. The wedding itself went off without a hitch. Or well there was none that I saw. The bride and groom always know of a few and they worry about whether everyone else knows. Of course no one ever does but it's funny how that works.

The roads in West Virginia can be harrowing if you haven't driven them before. Most of them are well marked and wide enough for no troubles. There isn't any straight stretch of road in the entire state outside of the freeways. Some stretches of road (Like Kincheloe Rd) are not marked, are rougher than the other roads and are just barely wide enough for two cars to pass. This wouldn't be so bad if the locals didn't drive those roads at 40mph. For someone who's never been up there, that's terrifying. By the end of the weekend I had gotten used to it so there's not a long adjustment period but it was still a little scary.

So I got to meet my new step-dad's family. His daughters, mother and step-dad are cool. Some of his other family (aunt, cousin, etc) were cool and some were well...I'm sure they're good people. I was just happy to not only meet them but realize that the people of West Virginia are not necessarily rednecks and aren't necessarily backwards mountain hillbillies. Well, there IS a little redneck in them but it's not crazy. You all know me. I can't stand rednecks and I thought these people were alright. Some were even pretty cool.

We had the rehearsal the night before, decorated the church up and I took a few photos. I picked up a pizza for Rachel on the way home and discovered that West Virginia has my favorite snack. A snack that California doesn't seem to have: Tom's Hot Fries. If you ever want to get on my good side, buy me a generation one Trasnformer or a bag of Tom's Hot Fries.

Then I took mom and her soon-to-be new husband out to a chinese buffet place for dinner. The food was mediocre but that's not the story. Just as we sat down to eat, the power went out in the area. We sat there, eating in the dark, got 20% off our bill and went home. It was just hilarious seeing all these people running around, talking hurredly, grabbing flashlights, checking on all the guests and the weird part was that other than a few comments, the patrons just went about their business as if nothing had happened. People got up and got more food, sat there talking to each other and paid for their meals.

The wedding was in a cute little country church off Branch of Dry Fork. Had a loose gravel ramp, grass parking lot, cemetary next to the church, porch out front, wooden exterior, all that you'd want for a country church but the choir. They weren't there this weekend.

The wedding went off without a hitch. At least that is what we all thought. The bride and groom always know of a few things that went wrong and they always worry if others know too. They never do. I walked my mom down the aisle, was the official photographer, said a toast to those appropriate and then it was time for the trip home.

Rachel and I headed out. We drove to Pittsburgh, had lunch at Primanti Bros. (the original location), very good sammiches by the way, and headed to the airport...FOUR HOURS EARLY.

This was the one mistake I made all weekend. Go to the Pirates-Cubs game at PNC or the airport. I chose safety over fun. I'll never do it again. hehe. We get to the airport at 1:50 for a 6:15 flight. So early in fact, that we can't even check in our luggage until 2:15. So we went to a newstand for some reading material, something for Victoria and another bag of M&Ms.

Then at about 4pm we headed over to the TGI Fridays in the Airport for a little something to tide us over and waste some time. I sat there watching the end of the ballgame that we would have gone to and finally it was flight time.

This was Rachel's first flight ever. I didn't know this until we were just about to take-off. I'd have made it more special for her if I'd known earlier. The flight from Pittsburgh to San Diego was cool. Rachel took a few photos, as did I.

We flew over a fire that was raging in the northwest corner of Arizona and arrived safely in Las Vegas. There we ate some BK while we waited another 90 minutes or so for our flight home. The flight took off a little soft, meaning it seemed to take forever for us to climb to 10,000 feet. It seemed like we got a couple thousand off the ground and stayed there. I heard the engines revving harder like they were trying to gain altitude and were having problems. It kinda freaked me out a little but if anything had happened, I wouldn't be typing this so we landed in San Diego about 11:30pm.

After getting our bags, hopping a taxi to the in-laws place and driving home, we met Victoria and got to hang out for a bit before falling asleep.

AND THAT WAS JUST LAST WEEKEND. This weekend is yet to come what with the lunch date with Jennifer, Victoria going to a bachelorette party, Bill visiting with Rachel and next week Victoria is taking the week off to have fun with Rachel. We'll see Harry Potter, I still need to review Transformers and well there's just too much. I've said enough here already. So much so, that I needed pictures to keep you from falling asleep. So as Victoria says, tah tahs for now.