Saturday, March 04, 2006


So Capote. Well I will say the movie is very well done. Well worth the nomination. The movie also portrays Truman as the egotistical, glory-fed, dishonest, cold and calculating person he was. I can't pretend to know the man's true motivations in the way he wrote this book but all I can assume is that he saw the opportunity to write his "non-fiction novel" that would get him the acclaim he always wanted, and it ended with him falling in love with one of the murderers and skewing the facts of his story to make Perry Smith appear as the passive dreamer who had a moment of insanity and Dick Hickock as a domineering and pyschotic human monster. Along the way he falsely befriended and inevitably betrayed the people of Holcomb, KS and more importantly all those that loved Herbert, Bonnie, Nancy and Kenyon. That includes members of my family who now can't have the name "Capote" spoken without flying into a rage.

I can't say I have the same reaction but let's say I see him for who he was and that's that. I know he befriended and got really close to those that were the most affected. He became almost a member of their family and collected (and never returned) various items to help him write a story that the town believed would glorify the rememberance of the Clutters and tell the story of those left behind. Then he betrayed them all by getting the murderers a better lawyer, falling in love with Perry Smith and writing a book that shows the murderers in a good light and ignores the family and friends who's lives were destroyed by this tragedy. In fact, in a side of my family full of drama I can't think of a person that's more despised among them than Truman Capote. In fact, I can't say that I hold Harper Lee, George Plimpton or Jack Dunphy in high regard either simply for their long and continued association with Truman. They knew who he was and they were his friends anyways. I can't decide if that means they condoned what he did or that they loved him despite that. So I don't know if I should respect them more, feel sorry for them, or detest them for condoning his behavior and personality.

Anyways the movie, again, is well worthy of nomination for an Oscar. I'll see Crash and Munich and see if it's good enough to win. I guess either way we'll find out tomorrow.

Belated Valentine's

So due to brake issues we were unable to do the Valentine's Day celebration we'd hoped for. So instead, we did that today.

We got up around 5:30am and got ready. Headed down to PB to a place called Kono's Surfshop Cafe. This place had be touted as having the best breakfast in San Diego. After having eaten there I can't disagree. It's not some 5-star resort type place. It's exactly what it says. A small little shop near the beach at the VERY end of Garnet in Pacific Beach. By end, I mean it's west of Mission and the last thing before the hotel that's right on the beach.

We ordered Egg Burritos. She got the #3 with egg, cheese, potatoes, bacon and pica sauce. I got the #1 with egg, cheese, sausage, avocado and pica sauce. The burritos were so large we barely made it through half of one. The taste? OOOOH MY! Great stuff. The spices were perfect, including the sausage and bacon. They had the perfect mix of ingredients. The avocados were just ripe enough, and there wasn't too much cheese, avocado or sausage. They also have breakfast plates, french toast, pancakes, potatoes and other stuff. They also make a killer lunch, or so I've heard. SO...Egg Burrito...$4.25. Together we had a #1, #3, and two Diet Cokes. Total was just over $12.

After breakfast we headed home. I got my oil changed and then we headed out to see Capote. For those of you who don't already know, Capote is one of the movies nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. The last few years we've tried to see every movie that's been nominated. This year Victoria saw "Good Night, Good Luck" with her dad and now we've seen Capote. Tonight we'll watch Crash. I'd like to mix in Munich if it wins anything tomorrow. The other one is Brokeback Mountain and we're both just not interested in that movie right now. Not for the cowboy aspect. Not for the homosexual aspect. Mostly it's because while it looks well made, it just isn't that appealing to us as entertainment at the moment. I'll write more about Capote in my next blog and post it shortly after this one.

After the movie we made a quick trip to Henry's and then went out to Chin's Szechwan for lunch. I love Chin's. It's close by and has some great Plum Tree Beef. I think I got it a bit too hot though. I felt more pain than I tasted food. That can't be good. Next time I'll just order it as is, and that will be just fine. So Plum Tree Beef and Spicy Honey Chicken lunch plates and a couple Diet Cokes came to $18.86 plus tip.

OK UPDATE: We headed to Hamburger Factory in Old Poway. I never knew this little place existed. There's a Railroad Museum (small compared to Sacramento's) and they have a train track running around the complex. I guess this must have been where the old city of Poway used to be before everything grew up around it. The houses in this area are HUGE ranch-style houses and very ornate. They aren't million dollar houses, they're MILLIONS dollar houses. ANYWAYS to dinner.

So we came in around 6:30 on a Saturday night and it was crowded but there wasn't a wait. Hamburgers ranged around 5.99 for a 1/4 pound burger and 6.25 for a half-pounder. They give you the bun, patty, and whatever the burger comes with (lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese, mushrooms, avocado, whatever) and at your table is jars with pickles, sliced onions, an odd assortment of carrots and chiles (never understood that), as well as mayo, mustard and ketchup. This way you can adorn your burger as you like it. Sorta like Fuddruckers with a more personal touch and less variety. ANYWAYS, the dinner was pretty good. Chili Cheese Fries, a couple "Jr" burgers (that's the 1/4 pound, we ain't adventurous) and a couple of Diet Cokes came to $20.15.

So, for well under $60 we covered all our food for the day. Our movie was $5 a piece with popcorn and drink which came to under $20. So for about $75 we enjoyed three meals and a movie. Add in a nice walk on the beach or through a park and that's a great full-day date.
We had a wonderful time.

End of the evening we watched Crash. OK the movie's alright and yes I know there are people that have to deal with these issues every single day or at least certainly more than the rest of us. I understand that ignorance and hatred still exist in society. It has since the dawn of man. When it comes into my life I deal with it as best I can. I get really uncomfortable when it's shoved in my face and kinda forced on me (yes I know I don't have to watch). Perhaps it's what I need every now and then though. To remember that these things do exist and how righteous would I act if faced with situations like the characters in this movie are faced with? So while I've not learned anything new about society, I have learned a little more about myself and I now have something I can work towards improving in my life. Even though I've rarely encountered anything close to these stories in my own life. At least now I have more tools and motivation so that if faced with something like this I can deal with it in a more mature, calm, informed, open and overall Christ-like manner.

Monday, February 27, 2006


This was perhaps the easiest move I think I'll ever have in my entire life. Having said that though, I can't remember the last time I hurt so much.
Victoria and I spent Wednesday and Thursday nights throwing out all our old or worn out junk and packing things into boxes. Friday we moved all the boxes to the new apartment as well as anything that was to go into our closets. We basically wanted to get as much into the new apartment as we could while still keeping it clear for moving in furniture as well as clearing the furniture in the old apartment so that it would be easy to move everything quickly.
Saturdy morning we expected 4 people to help us: Victoria's parents, Becky and Mike. Mike brought four others. So with 8 people moving things around the move went REALLY fast.
Well it also helps when your moving next door. In an apartment that means out one front door, and into the other. Less than 10 feet. Nice.
Saturday night we watched Mirrormask and emptied some boxes of clothes and books.
Sunday we spent the day scrubbing and cleaning the other apartment. That was real tough after all the moving of stuff the last 4 days. We got it done around 2pm and returned the keys. Then we went grocery shopping. UGH.
We still have about 5 boxes to open and our apartment is full of stuff so we're going to spend the week getting it unpacked and all niced up so I can take pictures for you all.
At the moment after 5 days of moving stuff around and cleaning, we're both really sore and tired of exercise. We'll take a break tonight (I have my Chapter 2 quiz in Algebra) and tomorrow we'll commence opening the last boxes and putting stuff away.