Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jake Peavy: Our New Jerry Coleman?

When Jerry Coleman leaves us, we won't need to listen hard for someone in the Padres organization who makes odd comments from time to time. Just look out on the mound every 5 days. Jake Peavy has been entertaining us lately with some questionable quotes and I think we oughta keep this guy mic'd all the time just to hear what he'll say next. Here's a couple of his best:

Jake's comments on Robert Fick after a June 20, 2005 game against the Dodgers in which Jake struck out 13 batters. "He was giving me the fist between the legs all night, letting me know he's with me," Peavy said. "We were on the same page. The dude can catch me any time." It was the first time Fick had caught for Peavy. Perhaps Jake just got a little over-excited.

After yesterday's 13-4 win at Colorado, reporters asked Jake about facing his ex-teammate Xavier Nady. His comments maybe revealed a bit too much: "I was always high on X. Obviously, that hasn't changed." Maybe that is why Jake has been so dominant in the league since his call up 3 years ago. Makes me think ofHuey Lewis. Don't know why.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A toast to friends

A Saturday in the Gaslamp District:

Top Sirloin, Onion Rings and Coke at Gaslamp Strip Club (relax it's a steak place). Butch interrupting himself every few minutes to dance to a great song.

Diet Coke at Hooters. Aaron needed dinner and so we headed to a place he could afford. Besides, it's guys night out. Why not Hooters?

Head out for Hot Chocolate. Long lines to get in so we head down 5th Ave.

Lady pole dancing on a lightpost in front of McMillin Realty. We leave her to her dance while tipping her $5. Butch points out his maturity in not taking advantage of the situation. I think any guy with half a brain cell wouldn't have touched that woman.

Head to a place somewhere around J Street and I get turned away because my ID card says I'm 5'9" when in reality I'm 5'8". I kid you not. The dude wouldn't let me in because I was an inch off. My ID card also says I'm 208. I'm actually 280. I haven't been 208 since 1999 when I filled out the information for that CDL.

So we head back for Hot Chocolates. We sit and Butch lectures us on the finer points of having Bill Clinton in the White House with an official title but no real responsibilities. I'm more a Romney/McCain guy myself but I humor him and we discuss the truly stupid things the man would do. Butch then goes on to explain how he'd be as the President that "keeps it real".

We depart and head south towards the cars. Butch gets his ride home from Aaron so I say my goodbyes, walk past PETCO Park and to my car. My feet hurt, my bladder is telling me that Hot Chocolate took me over the top and I'm real tired.

I make it home around 2am and fall into bed complete exhausted. I get up this morning feeling the same. Sore and tired. Still the walking was good for me and the steak was delicious.