Friday, October 08, 2004

New revelations every day

Well the situation is getting more and more clear. I have information coming from a wide array of sources. I think I fully understand Bill, my mom, my dad, Stephanie, and Rachel. I'm certain I have the truth all there now. I just need a bit more time to think about how to take the truth I know and apply it to the situation as for how I'll react.

Red Sox are set to clinch a spot in the ALCS today. Right now it's 2-1 Sox in the 4th with no outs, bases loaded and ManRam at bat. Hoping the Twins will win today since it looks like Vazquez is pitching tomorrow. It'd be good if they didn't have to go back to New York.

The Cardinals should clinch their spot in the NLCS tomorrow and hopefully the Astros can beat the Braves.

Going to Church Sunday. Sick today but Tony's coming over after he gets off work. Tomorrow is Donovan's. Love you all. Tough times but the Lord will help me through it. Just gotta stay in tune with the Spirit. What would Jesus do. All that fun stuff.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Now that the snake is out of the bag

I can now tell you all what's been going on. It seems my mother who goes by the YahooID sweet_bebe34 is actually 44 and has 3 kids. There's me of course (26), and my sister Stephanie (22) and Rachel (12). She has been talking to some guy who uses a name something like CHRLSsomethingorother. Mind you she's still married to my stepdad but she's been passing herself off I guess as a single mother of one?
Anyways Friday I found out she plans on leaving my stepdad and moving in with this guy in West Virginia...of course taking Rachel with her. Well once my stepdad found out he thought about things until last night when he confronted her. From what I hear from Rachel and Steph (since they live there) there wasn't any shouting at all. Just Bill hurrying around the house afterwards collecting some clothes and cigarettes and telling Rachel he'll be at Daves and will return in the morning to take her to school.
When Rachel inquired to mom about what happened, mom said "Danny told Dad and now he's leaving." Yes that's right folks, Rachel already knew. SHE told me. She had talked to this Gene guy on the phone and was told everything and then pressured to keep it a secret until mom was ready to tell everyone. Why put that kind of pressure on a 12 year old? Added on that, she's blaming ME for her situation. Yeah, me. Her only son. Great mom, huh?
Well mom can't just up and leave taking Rachel to West Virginia. That's called abandonment and kidnapping and she could be arrested for it. She'll have to file divorce papers. Bill will fight for custody (he already told me he will) and what court will give Rachel to mom considering the reason she's wanting a divorce, huh? If she makes Bill look bad and the court decides neither parent can take care of her, Victoria and I will try for custody. I think we'll get advice from the Bishop first and see if it's what we really should do. It's what we WANT to do. Prayer will also have to come in. Lots of it too.
I'm just real hurt by everything. I feel abandoned myself. I feel betrayed. I know the woman in my mom's body is not my mom. She's an addict. She knows what she's doing is wrong but instead of turning and facing the wave, she's blaming the wave for being there in the first place. It's the piers fault, the beaches fault, anyone but herself. So instead of just admitting that it's wrong and changing she is just diving deeper into it. I'm so sad for her. I'm sad for those being affected. I'm leaning a lot on Victoria and good friends. Talked a long time with my DAD and he gave some really good advice: Let go of the things you have no control over and leave it in God's hands. It's good advice, no?

Well so that's what is going on in my life lately. Just trying to immerse myself in the gospel and playoff baseball and Victoria. I figure with those three things it will keep me from thinking about home.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Revelations that should not be

Found some things out this weekend I wish I hadn't been told but yet I'm glad I know all the same. I'll reveal more details when the family has been informed. I don't want to use this blog as a way of surprising people and since family reads this blog I must just say it's a whopper. It's had me thoroughly depressed the last two days BUT did not stop me from enjoying myself at Dodger Stadium this Saturday.

Now I'm a Padres fan and therefore you'd think I naturally hate the Dodgers and for most of my life I have. HOWEVER my buddy Scott (Booyah #1...Shaman Booyah...The Red-Headed Elvis...or just Scooter depending on who you are) is a strong Dodger fan. He detracted from the Padres after 1998 when the ownership sold out the fans by dumping players and duping us into voting on a proposition. Well that's how Scott feels anyways. I'm still a fan of the team remember? ANYWAYS, he has been suffering for five years and finally got to see them win a division title...LIVE AND IN PERSON. In fact we had great field level seats down the 1st base line. Aisle 50, Row N, Seats 7&8.

Not only did we get to see them win but we saw a great game. We were down 3-0 going into the bottom of the 9th. I said we huh? OK THEY. THEY were down 3-0. Green singles, then a K by Alex Cora, and three consecutive walks brought LA their first run. Izturis then promptly grounded to short to start what should have been a 6-4-3 game ending double play. INSTEAD he boots it and another run scores making it 3-2 with one out and the bases loaded. A single by Jayson Werth (why can't he spell EITHER name right?) tied the score and brought up Steve Finley. Now I remember April 10th, 1998. That night the Padres were down 4-2 going into the ninth. The crowd started cheering in the 8th when the Pads got a couple guys on but couldn't finish the job. They NEVER SAT DOWN AND NEVER STOPPED CHEERING until about an hour after Finley hit a game winning grand slam off Felix Rodriguez. Now it would be Wayne Franklin's turn. First pitch strike...and then...POP! Hands raised, crowd goes freaking nuts and Scott gets what he's been waiting for in like forever. OK since 1999 but still.

That day he saw the Dodgers clinch, watched the scoreboard as the Angels clinch the AL West Crown, his alma mater UCLA trounced SDSU, AND he found a banner in the store of Hideo Nomo that used to hang in the city streets (along with other players) back in 1996 when he first got to drive around LA with friends. I will be honest and say I bought him a celebratory drink. He'd never had a Scorpion before but apparently he loved it. He went home a very happy (and slightly toasted) man. Couldn't be more happy for a buddy. Well I could but I haven't been in a long long time.

Along with that sports stuff GENERAL CONFERENCE of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was held this weekend. We saw bits of the Saturday morning session and a lot of the Sunday sessions. This month when our Home Teacher stopped by he challenged us to come up with three questions, pray about them and listen to General Conference for the answers. Well it's funny. The first question was answered by the very first speaker. The Second question I had AS WELL as the MAIN question Victoria had was answer by the Prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley. My third question may have been answered in another talk. I'll have to listen to them all again to see.
Just the fact that our questions were so important to the Lord that he had them answered in the talks was just amazing. Well to be honest these talks were probably written weeks in advance but the Lord brought my mind into a state that I was able to see specific answers in their talks that pertained directly to my questions. Really cool, huh? Apparently it never fails. Not doctrine questions like why are things this way or what about this or why don't we do that...but deep spiritual questions on our own lives. They're always answered in these Conferences.
I was a bit surprised Saturday morning to learn Elder Merril Bateman was not called as a new apostle. As I watched the Conference though I came to know for myself that the men who were called were worthy of such callings and I sustain them completely. Now I KNOW that it IS the Lord and not men who call these apostles. I tend to think if it were a position chosen by men that Elder Bateman may have found himself up there. Even if Elder Bednar was president of BYU-Idaho, Bateman was president of BYU-Utah and that position usually leads to apostleship. Perhaps one day but now wasn't the time and it just strengthened my testimony in the church.

Love you guys. Take care and love one another.